Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Painting drought over

Moving house has caused a bit of a painting drought lately, I was asked to see if I could provide a small militia unit for a recent Black Powder AWI game. This seemed to be an ideal opportunity to quickly paint up my armed civilians for Muskets & Tomahawks.

The figures need another matt varnish but they are finished. They did get on the table but Stu never moved them all night, at least they didn't all die horribly. Figures are from Conquest Miniatures and Perry Miniatures.

In the background are the started 'Compagnie Franches de la Marine'. Warlord seem to have some issues with a few of the Conquest moulds, they haven't released packs A and B, some of the packs are having multiples of the same model. I needed some more so grabbed the boxed set via Wayland Games using the new collect at Argos service. This worked very well, cost me nothing and delivery was in two days, I will certainly do that again.

Below are the twenty models from my box, only two the same and plenty of poses I'd not got. This gives me thirty two in total.

Lion Rampant has got me scheming around some small medieval skirmish games. Plastics are plentiful for this with Fireforge and Perrys, great metal figures are also available from Perry, Front Rank and Foundry. Currently I have been torn between the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses, the existing four boxes is swaying me to WoTR so I'm reading up this is going to be a small, fun project.


Michael Peterson said...

Glad to hear your painting again. I like the look of those musket chaps and the sabot base looks great.
Always a toss up for me between HYW and WoTR but I like the slightly earlier look of the HYW, especially at the Crecy/Agincourt end of things. We are certainly spoiled for choice with figures these days. Looking forward to seeing what you do in this period.

Stuart S said...

Very nice.
Sorry they did not get an outing on Sunday, I thought they were fighting for you :-)