Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Great Sell Off

I mentioned in my last post that as I was moving home and would have much less space, I would need to thin my collection down. In reality I'm 'trimming off the fat' - selling stalled projects and things which don't interest me that much any more, there's little attachment to these so I'm going to drip them on to eBay over winter, if there is any interest just drop me a line.

Ambush Alley 20mm middle east - figures, vehicles and terrain.

20mm Cold War Russians - almost two platoons of infantry plus T72, BTR and BMP models.

Warhammer Fantasy Warriors of Chaos.

28mm Normans - I'm keeping enough for Saga and Lion Rampant.

28mm WW2 US and Germans. Full platoons of each plus support weapons. Also undercoated Foundry German Paratroops.

15mm Sci Fi from GZG. Figures and Vehicles.

Spartan games Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Legions and Dystopian Wars.

Warmachine Cryx (painted) and Khador (part painted)

There's also a big box of rule sets and scenario books, these will probably go on to eBay starting next week.

Any interest, drop me a line.

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Donogh said...

I'd be interested in some of your Ambush Alley stuff, if it's available, please drop me a line
donogh dot mccarthy at gmail dot com