Monday, 1 September 2014

This weekends painting

First up, here's the BEF cavalry, finally finished and with that the project is completed.

Recently at Wyvern Wargamers, Phil brought his growing 28mm Sudan collection in for a game, some photos in the last post, this inspired me as I had previously been interested in the period, even buying a couple of Baccus packs. The Baccus figures were rescued from the 'For Sale' box and have been given a dash of paint.

Using the Polemos base sizes I've split a pack of Beja across 3 60mm square bases, a British pack, based on 60mm x 30mm, will produce 4 bases.

Finally some more Baccus, this time ACW, these were done a while ago but needed the sabot bases and flock.

I'm working on finishing some more French Indian war figures for a club next month.


Stuart S said...

You have been busy, only manged to finish my Japs, which have been waiting on the paint table for 3 years :-)

Phyllion said...

Cute little Mahdists Paul! Need a few more though ;-)