Sunday, 3 August 2014

US infantry reinforcements

I have finished some odds and ends of figures to provide some more options for Chain of Command.

From the top left, we have 2 mine clearance teams, 2 flame thrower teams and 2 demolition teams as well as single minesweepers and flamethrowers. The middle row comprises a couple of 3 man teams to add extra crews to weapon teams then single based GIs with SMGs or Garand rifles. Finally on the front row, an extra senior leader then some leaders with Garands.

All the above figures are from Peter Pig and are as always great castings and a treat to paint.

I'm cracking on with my plastic Battlefront US paratroops later, I have sourced two sets of these from eBay and added some extra metal bits and pieces which should give me the platoon for CoC plus some of the support choices. I have opted for the M1943 uniform suitable for Operation Market Garden and Bastogne, Ade (neighbour and long term gaming buddy) is painting up the earlier D-Day uniform.