Sunday, 3 August 2014

For Sale Warmachine Cryx and Khador

My Warmachine figures have not seen a game in a couple of years, while I enjoy the game my interests have focused in other areas so I have decided to sell them. If you are interested drop me a line, UK only please as sending abroad is a pain.

Bile Thralls - metal models, 2 leaders and 14 grunts

Mechanithralls -10 metal models (1 repaired due to thin ankles)

Pistol Wraith

Bone jacks - resin and metal models.

Warwitch Deneghra (resin), Iron Lich Asphyxious (metal) and Cankerworm Bonejack (metal)

Resin war jack with magnetised head and arm options. Can be configured as Corrupter, Reaper or Slayer.

Resin war jacks - Destroyer and Juggernaut

Resin Man-O-War shocktroopers

Man hunter and Resin Kommander Sorscha

Khador card deck and counters, Cryx counters, dice, laminated cryx cards and templates.

Warcaster Butcher of Khardov and female Manhunter solo.

Leviathan Helljack and Widowmakers unit

Warmachine Prime Mk II, Cryx and Khador army books.

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