Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Tank War

No completed figures this week but there are loads nearlyly finished including US engineer sections, big men and single figures along with two sets of the Battlefront plastic US Paratroopers from the Open Fire set with some odd metals springled in. The Paras will form another playable force for Chain of Command. Pictures soon.

I have just finished reading The Tank War by Mark Urban, always a good read, I've plenty of Marks books, this one came from the local branch of The Works for £2.99. The book follows the fortunes of the Royal Tank Regiment, in particular the 'filthy' fifth from their opening engagements in France with the BEF to their final drive in to the heart of Germany. Lots of stuff to think about from a gamers perspective and Mark himself was or is a wargamer, I sold him Battle Honours or Old Glory 15mm Napoleonics at Salute one year.

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Phyllion said...

Haha, I didn't realise Mark was a wargamer. All the more reason to pick up his books - they tend to be pretty readable.