Friday, 11 July 2014

The luck of the devil

We were keen to restart our mid week gaming so on last Thursday night we set up the terrain and played the first few phases of Chain of Command. We rolled up scenario 4 - A delaying action.

I pulled out my US infantry while Ade grabbed his German grenadiers. Our Force morale rolled up 8s for both of us, We rolled to determine the attacker and the support points. I found myself defending with just 3 points versus Ade with 8 points. 

Unfortunately the nature of the scenario precludes me from taking field defences which left me with a choice of the sniper, mortar team or another bazooka team.

Here's the table before we started.

The Germans came on to the table and occupied the central farm and wood on the flanks, we managed to exchange plenty of fire, with the Americans getting more luck on the dice.

Ade suffered from a lack of 3's which meant his senior leader was running around like a loon.

The auto cannon in the 222 started to do some punishing damage, it had to go. My one chance was to attempt an ambush before Ade could build up his CoC dice. I ambushed out of the wood, fired and missed. Taking a risk I left them on the table, then took casualties and fled.

This gave the Germans the boost they needed and on they came eventually reaching the mansion and the US morale finally broke.

This week we played again, Ade wrote the battle up on his blog;

so you can go and read it there. None the less it was close, I wasn't able to get to the objective but managed to inflict more casualties.

Here's what caused me problems, I have the mine clearance team on the painting table.

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Very nice looking game