Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time for a clear out?

I have been trying to restart my painting and gaming mojo, my spare room where I do my painting was looking a little out of control, too much stuff and not enough storage.

This weekend I took some time to have a clear out and tidy up. I have identified some projects that I won't be continuing with and I hope to move these on in the coming weeks, meanwhile I have also found 'lost' projects which I haven't seen for a while, including my large finished British Cold War forces, their Soviet counterparts and the big box of resin buildings. I'm hoping that I can use these with 'I Ain't Been Nuked Mom' - crack on Nick! I have also ordered some more paint racks to tidying up the desk space, shame they weren't still at the £5 price I paid at Salute but at £12.95 post paid from Troll Trader it's not too bad.

I took my 6mm Austrians to the club for a game of Black Powder, the scenario was based on Eckmuhl, it went quite well although the scenario would need adjustments for BP, I could have made the C in C more ponderous and the fighting in buildings rules will need another read.

I have found loads more Austrians to paint at some point in the future, along with more Romans and WW2 micro armour but there is a need to focus so I am finishing off my WW1 British this week before moving on to finish my 6mm ACW Confederates, following that I have lots of WW2 vehicles that need decals.

We have had some talk at the club recently about playing Chain of Command, using the Spanish Civil War supplement. This will be my ONLY new project until the end of 2015. We are in the research stage and I will be doing a Communist / International Brigade platoon.

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Phil said...

Beautiful minis and buildings!