Sunday, 1 June 2014

They don't shoot horses do they?

Despite painting my early Great War Britiish over Xmas, tonight is the first time I have brought them to the table. Just a small game of 'Through the Mud and Blood' by TooFatLardies. I had an under strength platoon with only three squads and a Vickers MG team, faciing me was Dane with two large units of cavalry, two large squads of infantry and a MG team.

British shooting was especially good tonight, both the units of cavalry came on table and rode in to gun fire.

Just before they dissapear behind the wood, they take casualties, they then dismount and advance through th wood.

Alas at the edge of the wood they are caught in a crossfire and are broken by the fire.

Quite a brutal game but a good result for new figures, I need to paint my cavalry and artillery and pick up some dismounted cavalry and casualties from Kallistra.


MarkG said...

Short and sweet! Or not so sweet for the Brits!!!

Michael Awdry said...

Ouch! A bruising encounter.

Stuart S said...

Did you get your saving throws for the Horses?
Open ground can be a real killer....