Sunday, 15 June 2014

Operation Market Larden 2: A Bridge Too Lard

Yesterday was the Too Fat Lardies gaming day hosted at our club, Wyvern Wargamers. This event was first held last year and was such a success we did it all again. Volunteers bringing and running their games for the benefit of those attending meant that you could try out a period or rule set you were interested in before having to invest in figures, rules or terrain.

Here's some shots from the games;

First up is Rich Clarke's very own Le Port game using his Chain of Command rules.

Jim Ibbotson's Penisular Spanish  Sharpe Practice game drew many admiring glances with its Grand Manner buildings and Perry Miniatures figures.

Mike Whittaker brought his IABSM3 game 'Bloody Omaha'.

Nick Overland's 'I Ain't been nuked Mom' brings IABSM up to the Cold War.

Nick Skinner ran 'Kiss Me Hardy'

Geoff Bond returns with Tin Star

Ade Deacon's 'Circling the Wagons' Chain of Command game was set in Benouville, also on D-Day, just down the road from Rich's game.

Simon Walker's 'Saving Mrs Ryan' brings Sharp Practice to the Indian Mutiny.

'Sydney Roundwood' brought his magnificent Verdun game 'Operation Gericht', I played in this one with Dane as we brought the Germans to a partial victory against the French.

After packing up we all retired in to Evesham for a curry, many beers and lots of chat and laughter.


Tim D said...

Those a really great photoes. Excellent day. Thanks for organising it.

The Kiwi said...

Agreed. Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing what looks like a great day.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Splendid photos Paul. Thanks so much for all the great work organising, and of course for taking part in our game! See you next year!

(I'm going to borrow the photos for my blog if that's OK as my camera died within about 5 mins of arriving!)

Michael Awdry said...

Some stunning games on show there!

Stuart S said...

Next year a 2 dayer with a sleep over.... :-)

Phyllion said...

Great photos of an excellent day's gaming Paul