Saturday, 28 June 2014

No Pasaran!

This is the first post about out next club project, 28mm Spanish Civil War, using Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command rules. We have half a dozen club members expressing an interest for different factions, Republican and Nationalist and if all else fails they will all fight amongst themselves.

In 28mm, there initially appeared to be only the very impressive looking Empress Miniatures range but with some research I have found that Riff-Raff Miniatures are selling the old Force of Arms range and Northstar also have a small range.

The range offered by Northstar comprises two unnamed International Brigade personalities and a selection of International Brigade riflemen, opposing them is a group of Moors.

Looking at the two personalities first, we have have one with a sombrero and a Browning Automatic Rifle whilst the second has a rifle and googles, both of these are excellent figures.

I also ordered the International Brigade section pack, a quick picture below then some thoughts.

According to the Northstar website, these figures are sculpted by Mark Simms and certainly fit his style. Mark has sculpted many WW2 figures, initially for Battle Honours way back and then for his own Crusader range. There are only four master "dollies" and 17 variants of these, the changes are subtle variations of head gear and blanket rolls.

You might notice one of the figures has a French Adrian style helmet and is armed with the French Chauchat machine gun. This early Light Machine Gun, served with many armies and well over a quarter of a million were produced, it served with the Belgian army until the 1930's. The Chauchat had a bad reputation, most of this would appear to have been caused by unsuccessful conversion to other calibers, in particular the US 30.06 round.

I do think that the detail on the rifles is a little weak and they are a little vague, I haven't noticed this with the Crusader range but I do only have a small selection. As a positive they did manage to fail in the counting department so I did get an extra figure.

I didn't get any of the Morrocan figures but seeing the photos on the website, there are again four "dollies" with variations on them, in particular the head gear which comprises fez and Arab headress.

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