Sunday, 1 June 2014

Busy doing nothing

I seem to have achieved very little hobby wise this week and tomorrow will be the second #MiniatureMonday I will have missed in a row. I did get a play test of one of the Operation Market Larden scenarios 'Circling the wagons' which was a nail biter and even though I lost, a cracking game.

It looks like we might have a small Spanish Civil War project at the club next week, I have started reading up and I've watched 'Land and Freedom' by Ken Loach, an excellent film about a British volunteer fighting for the Republicans. I can see Empress getting a bunch of cash next year.

Especially for the 'Circling the Wagons' scenario, I have airbrushed the basic colours for the German armour, Ade will finish thes off, he's got 13 days.

As I had the airbrush out I decided to pop a base tone on the the US Rangers and Delta Force figures, I will get the webbing and camo done on these this week.

Something else from the lead mountain, my 1/285th Luftwaffe aircraft for the Battle of Britain. The colour schemes on these aircraft constantly evolved during the early parts of the war and I'm still working out what I'm doing, the underside blue grey, officially RLM65 is common to all so is a good place to start.

This might get quite complicated and I'm not looking forward to masking camo in this small scale. Hopefully Tamiya tape and post-it notes will be enough.

I'm off to the club later to play 'Throught the Mud and Blood' and give my British their first outing.

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