Saturday, 17 May 2014

Triples 2014

Just back from Triples in Sheffield, here's a run down of the loot.

From Foundry the Dallimore Master Class painting book and the Near Eastian Flesh set for my Sinbad project along with a pack of Cyclopes and Medusa and the Gorgons.

Landser Books German Army Grenadier 44-45, this is similar to a larger format Osprey but with tons more colour plates and detail. Recommended. If you are interested in this Dave Thomas has it in stock.

The Legend of Dead Man's Hand brings new factions to the rules as well as a campaign system allowing you to progress your gang of desperadoes. More on this when we play again.

I've been painting some metal Warlord US Marines, I have enjoyed painting these and managed to pick up a very competitively priced plastic set. 

Last a selection of Vallejo paints including a fetching shade of pink for my French Dragoons.

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Stuart S said...

I see you went for the Marines then :-)

I still have my Mexican Gang for LOTOW, would they tranfer well enough to DMH?