Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rescue from lead mountain

I have decided to rescue a couple of old projects from the lead mountain, both these are self contained and other club members at Wyvern Wargamers have opposing forces or associated figures.

First up is my Baccus 6mm Confederate army. Looking at the figures again with a critical eye, the problem was the black undercoating and the need to add some variation to the figures. I know if I'd chosen Union then they would have been painted very quickly.

The Zouave units and skirmishers are finished and I've started moving the others forward. Initially rules will be 'Black Powder' and a 'Guns to Gettyburg', I quite fancy looking at 'Longstreet' but it looks expensive as both players also need the card decks and the rulebook is sized like a paperback novel.

Next up, from MoFo / Gripping Beast are the 'Black Hawk Down' figures, I've Africans as well as Seals and Rangers. Basically this project just ran out of steam even though we've talked at the club of about a big all day type game.

The recent Kickstarter from Spectre Miniatures has raised the profile of the topic, Stu from Wyvern has made a pledge as well as digging in to his own lead mountain, producing some more forces which have already appeared on his Dust, Dice and Tears blog. If anyone has a lead on some cheap toy hummers please let me know.


Michael Awdry said...

Best of luck with these. I must admit those Spectre miniatures caught my eye too.

MarkG said...

There's nothing like re-visiting the lead mountain. Trouble with mine is I just don't know were to start!!!

Stuart S said...

Mark start at the bottom... :-)
Paul great to see some old favourites back on teh table.