Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Eoster!

Here's a few bits I have been painting for a number of games but will probably surface first in a game of 7ombieTV.

Here is the content of a unit blister of West Wind Nazi Zombies in Helmets, 

DeeZee Dire Wolves

Warlord Games 'Out for the Count'

TTCombats paint racks, a bargain at £5 each. Wish I'd bought two of each as they're £13 each on eBay.

Today, we had the first run out of Heroes of Normandie, this is a great game with lots of scenario packs and add ons.

Next up in the paint queue a figure contribution to a couple of the Operation Market Larden event in June.


Michael Awdry said...

I'm quite taken by that paint rack and a bargain to boot! Grear work on the zeds too.

Stuart S said...

You have been busy.... looking forward to this one Paul.