Monday, 28 April 2014

Coming Soon! Vlad's Army episode 1

This weekend I am running the first scenario in the Vlad's Army mini campaign for 7ombieTV, this is three linked scenarios mixing Dad's Army characters with the undead. I needed some wall sections, the walls I have didn't stand up well so I spent a hour or so giving them some bases.

In the background, you'll spot 'The Destroyer' by Crooked Dice. The light was a bit poor so apologies for the rather flat photo.

This week I am also finishing off a small group of 28mm U-boat crewman I picked on a whim on eBay, I expect they will find themselves marooned on strange islands, fighting pygmies, cavemen, dinosaurs etc soon.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Eoster!

Here's a few bits I have been painting for a number of games but will probably surface first in a game of 7ombieTV.

Here is the content of a unit blister of West Wind Nazi Zombies in Helmets, 

DeeZee Dire Wolves

Warlord Games 'Out for the Count'

TTCombats paint racks, a bargain at £5 each. Wish I'd bought two of each as they're £13 each on eBay.

Today, we had the first run out of Heroes of Normandie, this is a great game with lots of scenario packs and add ons.

Next up in the paint queue a figure contribution to a couple of the Operation Market Larden event in June.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Salute 2014

Well after an early start yesterday morning, we left at 04:45 and I got home at 20:30 absolutely knackered. It was a great day, met loads of friends and saw loads of great things I'd like but I had made a couple of pre-orders and I was determined not to increase the size of the lead mountain.

Here's the stash;

  • Walled farm from em4. This is a great piece, the doors opens and you can use the piece separately and it's fairly timeless being usable for a got stretch of history. 
  • Dux Raiders - now the Picts, Irish and Scotti can now go and raid post roman Britain.
  • A couple of paint palettes from Foundry, French Dragoon green and charcoal grey.
  • Counters for Dead Mans Hand.
  • Warlord Games - Rabble Rousers, Cardinal Richleu and the Witchfinder pack for my Three Musketeers project and the Out for the Count pack for some 7TV horror action finally  Another bottle of super glue activator.
  • Crooked dice had the new 'not' Doctors for me as well as a pack of their 'Autons' and the new assistant. I'm loving these figures and can see I'm going to have to collect more of these in the future.
  • I was able to pick up the Jet Age and Air War over Korea books for Check Your 6! recently and I needed another pack of Mig-15s and some of those tiny decals.

My only unplanned purchase, but wasn't lead so ok, was two paint racks from Troll Trader, these are excellent value at a fiver each. I got a Foundry / P3 style and a Vallejo style.

I managed to take about 200 photos, I will need to have a good look through and get the best shots uploaded during the week. I'm running through Sharp Practice later and I will pop some photos up.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

As Neanderthals dine on lobster thermidor

Here's a quick post with some stuff that's going to see the table in some 7TV action. First up some more plastic Reaper Bones.

The Reaper Bones giant scorpions weren't quite giant enough for me, so a quick trawl on eBay found the bigger pair. The Neanderthals are from Pulp Figures in Canada.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A quiet month .....

Ok so I know it's April, I seem to have dropped the ball with the blogging so here's a quick update.

I didn't get to play too many games in March, I need to pull my finger out, I also had a holiday in March, great times but no hobby. I have played plenty of Carcassonne and introduced new players to Dux Britanniarium and Check Your 6!

Made a trip down to Abingdon for the Overlord show, caught up with folks and loaded up on Crooked Dice goodies. Next up will be Salute.

Finally Aella and his standard bearer ready for a renewed offensive against the Britons make up the only completed figures for the month. I've more stuff