Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Round Up

First up is some more photos of painted Reaper Bones figures, these have been on my Twitter feed but not here;

An Inn keeper and his staff.

Kobolds, always up to no good, you can't count them, they are always jumping up and down at the back.

Giant Rats.

This months painting totals, everything finished in January, are;

28mm - 27
15mm - 24
12mm- 152

I have also managed to play one game of Infinity, one of Dead Mans Hand, played in two games of Chain of Command and umpired another two.

Hopefully February should see more 15mm and 28mm painted, as well as more games and the start of a Chain of Command campaign.

1 comment:

Tim D said...

What would you want all those giant rats for then? Not Chain of Command, that's for sure!