Monday, 10 February 2014


II've been looking for a suitable cyclops model for 7th Voyage, I had been struggling to find something suitable, many of the old models on eBay manage to be both expensive and too small.

Luckily I came across a photo from someone else's game, where they used a resin collectible model from a Japanese company called X-Plus, I managed to find one on eBay in a damaged box which I duly stalked and sniped at the end of the auction.

I was very pleased when it came, I have mounted it up on a 60mm MDF base, building up the back of the base with foam pizza tray off cuts cut to shape when set.

Visiting a local discount shop not the way home, I found some Hobbit figures, sold blind in a bag for 29p, the model inside the bag felt big so I took a chance.

This is what I found inside, a bronze draws. I glued the axes on the bag and most of the hammer in to the hand. Oddly the feet had pegs on them, the base had holes, but despite the base being right for the model, bore no relation to the pegs whatsoever. Cutting off one of the pegs soon sorted that.

I have given the model a slight extra bronze drybrush and am painting the base to more resemble stone. This will serve as a statue, not bad for the price, the rest of the range is odd - there are ten models all available in bronze, silver and gold. 

This weeks gaming has been limited to the worst game of zombiecide ever, we all died horrible, running out of walkers several times, and many games of carcassonne on my tablet. I shall pick up a boxed copy of this later in the year.


The Kiwi said...

Nice cyclops from clash of titans original by the looks.
Cool dwarf as well.

Michael Awdry said...

That cyclops is superb - what a great result!

Stuart S said...

Looking forward to this outing.