Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Minicon 2014

This weekend just gone was the local Minicon event. Our club had a table where we were introducing people both to our club and to Chain of Command by TooFatLardies.

Fingers crossed we might have picked up some new members and encouraged some others to try Chain of Command, alas the rest of the day was a disappointment. The show had been poorly promoted, foot fall was low and some games and traders didn't show.

Our table was next to the Ainsty stand which inevitably drew us like moths to a flame.

Well I ended up buying more than i intended;

Hell Dorado Saracens - for 7th Voyage, a little large but suburb castings
Resin Pumping Station - great for loads of sci-fi and 7TV projects
Resin lockers to populate the Infinity buildings 
TARDIS console - couldn't resist it
Crooked Dice Federeration Security troopers
Dwarf Ranger from FourA miniatures.

I am determined not to buy any hobby stuff now until March and the Abingdon show, getting loads of stuff painted in the meantime. I have been rummaging in my lead pile looking for suitable figures to use for 7th Voyage. I will post up progress soon.


Stuart S said...

Wot no Judge Dread?

Michael Peterson said...

I wouldn't have done well beside the Ainsty stand, either. And who could resist a Tardis console. Glad to see you and your mates promoting CoC.