Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

It seems all the rage in blog land to either summarise the years achievements or make plans for the year ahead. I have not kept count of my games or painting, perhaps I shall try and keep count this year.

Over the next few days I shall be finishing the MoFo British painted as UNIT and my Kallistra Great War British.

Also I had a delivery from Black Tree Design, a number of Daleks and Davros himself.

Painting Plans for 2014 include;

  • Battle of Britain 6mm Luftwaffe aircraft.
  • 15mm Fallschirmjager and US Paras for Chain of Command.
  • More 28mm French for Muskets and Tomahawks
  • 28mm French dragoons for Sharpe Practice
  • Finish my outstanding figures for my Dux Saxons.
  • Kallistra 12mm Great War British cavalry and Artillery.
  • Various factions for 7TV Action Engine games. I currently have figures for Dr Who, Blake's 7 and 3 Musketeers.
  • Empire of the Dead stuff from the Kickstarter and various MDF buildings.
  • Infinity Haqqislam and Combined army factions! more terrain and detail my existing buildings.

  • In the event I have missed something off this list I shall of course edit this post so I can pretend it never happened.

    I am endeavouring to play more games and paint more miniatures this year, my Kickstarter terrain boards are due in May and this should give me up to 6' x 4' for a medieval / steampunk / victorian urban setting and a plain 4' x 4' for Infinity.

    Wishing you all great gaming in 2014!

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    Stuart S said...

    Looks good Paul, I have my 80's Brit awaiting orders to be released from storage to help hold back the Dalek invaders.