Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A race through France

Many, many years ago the dominant scale for WW2 was 20mm and for rules you generally had to choose from the simple, Rapid Fire, to the complex, Battleground WW2. The lack of suitable rules pushed WW2 put of our regular gaming until IABSM and Chain of Command were released by TooFatLardies.

I had sold off my early war British forces some years ago, Ade had kept his squirrelled away waiting for the time he was going to get them out and list on eBay, as we had moved on to the now much more common and affordable 15mm scale.

Discovering these figures over Xmas, he realised that he had quite a good collection, along with vehicles and support options. He thought It wouldn't hurt them to get on the table one last time so he spent a couple of days tidying up paint chips and matt varnishing them. This was also to be Jamie's first game of CoC.

The scenario rolled was 'A delaying action', we both rolled the same for morale and with Jamie choosing French, I played the Germans rolling 10 for support, the difference in support points included meant I had 10 points and the French 8.

The Germans fielded a platoon of regular infantry supported by a Stug III, a mortar battery and FOO and a Pre Game Barrage. The French choose a Panhard A/C, 25mm Anti Tank Gun and a medical orderly.

The pre game patrol phase did not go as planned, trying to flank the central farm, I had one of my marker locked and ended up being restricted to the bottom right corner. The Germans as the attacker start the game and I brought on some infantry and the FOO. The French jump off straight in to the farm.

The Germans move on through the wood, the FOO lines up a fire mission on the farm whilst another section skirt the wood to advance up th side of the hill.

The mortars come down with Germanic precision and begin to cause casualties on the French.

After taking casualties the French bring on the Panhard A/C and advance down the round. The Germans bring on a StuG and open fire with an extremely lucky hit taking out the Panhard.

The StuG then advances down the road, the French lose more men to the mortar and Have infantry move on the board from the left. The mortars move and cause more casualties.

The next turn sees the end of the turn, the mortar barrage ends. The German infantry continue advancing up the right hand side, eventually trading shots with the French in the farm.

The StuG rapidly advances, the French 25mm AT gun pops up but the shells bounce off the front armour, return fire wounds the French NCO commanding the gun. A medicLly orderly tends to the wounded leader whilst the German advances. Burning a command dice for an interrupt the French fire again only to be disappointed. The StuG advances on the Jump off point and the Germans end the game.

Now we know that only troops can take jump off points so we got this wrong, but then the Germans didn't play fair did they? Another 'Fall of France' game scheduled for next week. I may have to find some time so paint some appropriate 1940 BEF troops.

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