Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to everyone, may your dice roll true.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lion Rampant and The Wars of the Roses

I have long admired Captain Blood's kitbashed Perry figures on the Lead Adventure Forum, mixing the parts from all four current sets to produce some excellent figures. Despite having Tewkesbury close and visited the re-enactments several times I have never been two interested in the period, I couldn't work out who the 'baddies' were.

The recent release of Lion Rampant wetted my interest for things medieval, originally I was looking at the new Agincourt set but I kept having my eyes drawn back to the WotR, four boxes and a fifth on the way.

A chance find in a charity shop began me picking up some cheap Ospreys peaked my interest further and now I own a selection of Perrys plastic boxes.

I was chatting to Matt Slade from Glenbrook Games at Warfare and he offered to drive up to take me through a game using his Perrys and Front Rank figures. Below are a selection of shots from the game

A close up of a unit of serjeants.

Here's the 24 point retinue. Two archers, one serjeants, one foot Men-at-Arms and one mounted Men- at-Arms.


Hiding behind a wood

Pesky crossbows

The enemy Men-at-Arms

No quite darkening the skies with their arrows.

A very entertaining game with virtual no need to refer to the rules during play, very quick to pick up. Great to play with Matt's figures, this is certainly going to spur me on over Xmas to get mine moving, I've already assembled 20. My goal to provide enough models for two players with a selection of units. The retinue troops are going to use red / yellow and blue / white colours as their liveries, which are the four colours on the coat of arms of the Beauchamp family who commanded Gloucester at the time of Tewkesbury and refused Margaret and the Lancastrians river crossing.

Photos when I have stuff painted.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Painting drought over

Moving house has caused a bit of a painting drought lately, I was asked to see if I could provide a small militia unit for a recent Black Powder AWI game. This seemed to be an ideal opportunity to quickly paint up my armed civilians for Muskets & Tomahawks.

The figures need another matt varnish but they are finished. They did get on the table but Stu never moved them all night, at least they didn't all die horribly. Figures are from Conquest Miniatures and Perry Miniatures.

In the background are the started 'Compagnie Franches de la Marine'. Warlord seem to have some issues with a few of the Conquest moulds, they haven't released packs A and B, some of the packs are having multiples of the same model. I needed some more so grabbed the boxed set via Wayland Games using the new collect at Argos service. This worked very well, cost me nothing and delivery was in two days, I will certainly do that again.

Below are the twenty models from my box, only two the same and plenty of poses I'd not got. This gives me thirty two in total.

Lion Rampant has got me scheming around some small medieval skirmish games. Plastics are plentiful for this with Fireforge and Perrys, great metal figures are also available from Perry, Front Rank and Foundry. Currently I have been torn between the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses, the existing four boxes is swaying me to WoTR so I'm reading up this is going to be a small, fun project.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Warfare 2014

Warfare has always been the last show of the season for me, this year was no exception. We took a car down Saturday morning to a waterlogged Caversham Rd car park.

There was only a couple of things I wanted, Infinity V3 and Warlords 'Blood on the Nile', neither of these is out yet, the Warlord book is still being proofed! With no agenda I still managed to pick up some bits and pieces.

Britannia supplement for Hail Ceasar and 6mm round hut village. I'm really keen on doing HC in 6mm next year, starting with Britannia and then Germania, the book and village were both bargains I was unlikely to see again. I also bought paint from Pendraken's Vallejo paint lockers along with more dice frames. 

After chatting with Karl from Crooked Dice about the forthcoming update to 7TV, I resisted the new X Commando box set and just had the cards for Once and Future as well as the last two not Blakes 7 figures. Just along the corridor I picked up a female in Napoleonic garb as a suitable heroine for Sharp Practice, the new free Infinity Quick Start rules.

The Bring and Buy yielded an Agincourt blister from Perry Miniatures, I'm currently mulling over Lion Rampant, I have a game organised in a few weeks time and I've always been interested in the Hundred Years War.

I'm settling in to the new house and have started painting once again, I'm working on some civilians for Muskets and Tomahawks which will get their debut at the weekend in an AWI game as militia.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Great Sell Off

I mentioned in my last post that as I was moving home and would have much less space, I would need to thin my collection down. In reality I'm 'trimming off the fat' - selling stalled projects and things which don't interest me that much any more, there's little attachment to these so I'm going to drip them on to eBay over winter, if there is any interest just drop me a line.

Ambush Alley 20mm middle east - figures, vehicles and terrain.

20mm Cold War Russians - almost two platoons of infantry plus T72, BTR and BMP models.

Warhammer Fantasy Warriors of Chaos.

28mm Normans - I'm keeping enough for Saga and Lion Rampant.

28mm WW2 US and Germans. Full platoons of each plus support weapons. Also undercoated Foundry German Paratroops.

15mm Sci Fi from GZG. Figures and Vehicles.

Spartan games Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Legions and Dystopian Wars.

Warmachine Cryx (painted) and Khador (part painted)

There's also a big box of rule sets and scenario books, these will probably go on to eBay starting next week.

Any interest, drop me a line.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

All change ....

It's been ages since my last post, this seems to be endemic at the moment but hopefully I will be back on track soon. After another week on holiday, Cornwall, this time, my girlfriend asked me to move in to her house.  Any one who has moved house will know, two houses in to one don't quite fit so I'm having to put things in to storage. This also gives me some impetus to trim down my collection, in particular selling off things that haven't seen the light of day in a while or perhaps were false starts. Storage space in going to be at a premium so means more focus on 6mm for bigger projects and 28mm reserved for small skirmish sized projects.

Here's some photos from a trip to Donnington Park, our club summer all dayer and some recent games.

First up, Rick Priestley was demoing his Gates of Anteres game, word on the net is that this makes a better WW2 game than Bolt Action.

A really large French Indian War game, complete with rivers, forts and a settlement.

One of several WW1 games today, this one was impressive. Lots of figures, buildings and a fire engine.

Vietnam game with Phantom flying close support.

There was a 6mm painting demo / tutorial, complete with this fabulous ancients army.

More 6mm painting inspiration from the Baccus stand.

We had our summer gaming day over at Wyvern Wargamers, Phil took players through a handful of scenarios set in the Sudan using Black Powder.

Paul from Kallistra brought done his hex terrain and WW1 collection for the Battle of Marne game.

Ade had a Chain of Command game planned, he and Bob took command of the Germans, whilst Rich Clarke and I commanded a meagre selection of British Paratroops. We couldn't believe when the armour came on, 5 tanks! We were expecting 21st Panzer funky conversion types.

Is Ade dancing?

Uh oh! How many 6s did Rich just roll?

As an special random event, German artillery falls short, right on top of advancing infantry and armour.

Two melees were fought over this farmhouse, many died on both sides, leaving just a couple of Paras in residence. We managed to destroy or damage a couple of the Pz IVs, managed to bring down Bob's morale but in the end, the Germans had the day.

Finally, had a walk across the Malverns, here's British Camp, an ancient hill fort build before the Roman invasion.

Hoping to get set up and painting in the new man cave soon but it's going to be at least a week.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Holiday snaps 2014

Just before I went down to Devon for a weeks holiday I visited the Battle Proms at Ragley Hall, before the music there was WW1 era cavalry demo and a RHA battery firing it's 18 pounder.

The highlight for me was the Grace Spitfire which flew over the site for a good while performing turns and barrell rolls, excellent stuff.

While in Torquay I spotted these couple of WW2 coastal boats, my knowledge of these boats only goes as far as the Airfix catalogue, they look like a RAF rescue launch and a Motor Torpedo Boat. The boats are a museum if this is your sort of thing.

On my visit to Brixham in March, I tries to find the battery museum, it was alas closed as it was out of season, I was determined to visit this time. We got to it walking from the harbour following the South West Coast path walking through the site only seeing the museum itself when walking up and out of one of the bays. Here's the link to their website it is completely run by unpaid volunteers relying on donations and grants for its survival.

Humber Pig, armoured truck used by the British Army from the 50's and leaving service in the 90's.

The AA guns weren't labelled but I wonder if the came from HMS Brixham.

Battery commanders uniform.

Bren gun on AA mount.

SOE wireless in a briefcase, compare this to the wireless setup below which came from a bomber.

Here's a Bren in front of an German MG42, note the colour, it's very dark. Black and dark grey - no shiny metals here!

M1 carbine, relatively light to pick up.

The legendary Thompson SMG, again note the colour. This thing is heavy!

Sten gun, very black but not as heavy or as well built as the 'tommy gun'.

Diorama showing the battery during the war.

Observation point awaiting restoration by volunteers.

This building housed the generators for the site, ensuring power carried on even if the town electric supply is put out of action.

Hidden behind the plants is the munitions store.

Command and Control center.

Tunnel down to a gun floor.

Here's one of the batteries two gun floors, the guns here ranged out in the bay. The battery also had AA guns and a fixed rocket battery.

 The second gun floor has sleeping quarters next to it.

Shots below are from inside the gun floor and are currently being restored.

Ready ammunition in its separate parts were kept at the end of this tunnel.

The tunnel eventually comes to an emergency exit, now secured.

Searchlight point.

Second searchlight point.

The site of the former cookhouse and training room.

This was a great visit especially as it's manned by volunteers and paid for by donations. Go pay a visit.