Saturday, 26 October 2013

Crickey it's the Cryx!

I have not posted anything for a while mainly because I don't seem to have finished anything off, meanwhile I have played more Chain of Command as well as a Russo-Japanese War game using Mud and Blood.

This game was a nail biter, full of tension and excitement, not to mention constantly jamming machine guns, this has really wet my appetite for some more 'Mud and Blood' games using the new Early War figures from Kallistra.

Tomorrow I was scheduled to play in a local Warmachine event, I'm not really a tournament player but thought it would be fun. In the end I decided to pull out as my games seem to take twice as long as there was no way I could get a game to finish in 90 minutes.

I did give me the incentive to get some more models finished and I will still get some games I'm but at a more relaxed pace.

Not the best photos, the light wasn't too good, here is a unit of Bile Thralls, a Pistol Wraith and the Cankerworm.

This chap is ethereal and is a bit of fun to play.

The Cankerworm gives me another jack, this one is able to scavenge from wrecked jacks on the table, I must buy / make some wrecks to get the best out of this one. I was very pleased with the base it looked really like old metal, which is did with the Humbrol weathering powder mixed with Decalfix, then Mig European Dust.

Meanwhile I have the new version of Malifaux and I am reading through that picking up the changes, looks good so far but I am suprised that Wyrd don't include photos of miniatures or games in progress.

Hopefully I will find the patience to do all the outstanding decalling I have, then I will put up completed shots of my new US and German armour.