Sunday, 22 December 2013

To Infinity and beyond .....

I have spent lots of time recently making and getting some basic paint jobs on a selection of MDF / HDF buildings from a selection of manufacturers, they had their first outing last weekend and over the holiday break I am hoping to share my thoughts on the various kits.

I have also added another faction to my Infinity collection, th Combined Army, this ensures I have two playable factions in case I want to demo the game to anyone.

Here's a few photos from last weekends game, it was a three run through, we're still learning all the rules. Dane had his Yu-Jing, Matt his very nicely and new painted Ariadne whilst I played Combined.

Dane brought his Sarissa Precision kits too, to further enlarge our table. The majority of kits here are from Micro Arts Studio, a couple are from WarMill, there are some B & Q air bricks and a cargo station bought from eBay.

There are resin accessories from Micro Arts Studio, Atenociti's Workshop, Spartan Games and the red / blue cargo cubes are from eBay.

On a painting front I have completed the first two packs of my Kallistra 12mm / N guage Great War British Infantry, these are for 1914 and will be used with The Mud and the Blood from TooFatLardies.

The advantage of picking a small scale for something like this is that the whole army can done cheaply, Kallistra do a 6 packs for the price of 5. Buying 3 infantry and one each of HMGs, artillery and cavalry. Is plenty. I will post some better pictures when I have made more progress.

Finally I had a couple of deliveries from Heresy Miniatures and Crooked Dice to bring me some more Dr Who related figures, again I will post about these over Xmas.