Sunday, 17 November 2013

Warfare, Reading - last gaming show of the year

Today I popped down to Reading for Warfare, this is generally my last wargames show of the calendar until January's Minicon next year. As previously we had a game using Kallistra's hex terrain and Dark Age figures, the rules we the medieval version of Hordes and Heroes, the rules give a good uncomplicated game perfect for relaxed hasslefree games. They can be downloaded free from their website.

I made a list of the new toys I wanted, but as Atenociti's Workshop were not there, I did slightly deviate from my plans.

I bought a couple of Sci-Fi structures from Warmill, I will do a review of these and the Spartan Comms Accessories set along with the rest of my MDF buildings later. Some oddments from Peter Pig will conclude my planned WW2 stuff for now and of course the obligatory pack from Warbases. I also picked up a pack of the Kallistra 12mm Great War British, I will be painting up a few packs of these soon for Mud & Blood.

The suprise buy of the show wasn't the new Judge Dredd boxed set or Indian Mutiny figures but the 7TV rules. What pulled me in was the "Blake's 7" figures, these will work with my ongoing Sci-Fi terrain collection.

Crooked Dice have a PDF on their website with the rules for the crew of the Liberator and their Federation enemies. Whilst if you google 'Dr Who Miniatures Game' you can download the full rules and scenarios for free!

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