Monday, 11 November 2013

Picking the Bones of Kickstarter

Recently there have been many high profile Kickstarter campaigns, including Zombiecide, Empire of the Dead and Reaper Bones. I have a nice collection of figures from Westwind courtesy of the EoTD campaign, my neighbour has the enormous pile of zombie related stuff.

Reaper Bones, caught the imagination of the worldwide gaming community grossing $3,429,235 from 17,744 gamers. The collection was a mixed bag of D & D style characters and monsters with lots of extras like dragons which could be added on. Nothing which could make a cohesive force for a wargamer.

The figures I wanted most of all from the original Bones were the Townsfolk, I have managed to snap up these on eBay. The plastic is flexible, more so on the thinner pieces, I am looking forwarded to seeing these painted. Apart from the two more medieval figures, I plan to use these up to the Napoleonic period. Four hundred years of use - that's a bargain.

I have backed another Kickstarter campaign, this one is for gaming boards, similar to GW's Realm of Battle sets but a different layout and price point. There are still some single board Early Bird pledges available which will give you a 6 x 4 foot layout, with hopefully six different tiles for only £62.

Delivery is not until May next year, can't wait.

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Leif Eriksson said...

Thanks for the heads-up, this looks very interesting, especially at the early bird price!