Sunday, 8 September 2013

Light the blue touch paper and stand well back

I've now been involved in four games of 'Chain Of Command' and thoroughly enjoyed them all, it does feel like we have found the platoon based WW2 game we had been waiting for.

Despite me having existing 28mm forces and some almost finished Artizan Germans, all the games have been in 15mm. The scale of the game and the look of the table is right as you are playing the same ground scale as figure scale. Figures and vehicles are plentiful and a starting platoon force is going to cost less than £15.

I managed to round up some 15mm resin pieces from Baueda, available in the Uk from Vexillia and Magister Militum, these painted and based became my jump of points.

I also made some MDF patrol markers. I had to make stencils for the symbols with mixed results but others say they're fine.

I have a battle report to right up from a game Thursday later in the week and I am finishing off a bunch of allied armour with the prospect of buying some more at Colours at the weekend

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