Saturday, 28 September 2013

Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter

My kickstarter parcel arrived this week and I thought I would open it up and show the lovely models, I'm not painting these till next year so they are now put away until then.

Here is my contents

A pretty full sheet of MDF counters which comes with plastic counters.

decided to go with the police as a theme;

And another pack, complete with steam powered dog.

Hell Division

And should they need more intellectual assistance, here is the consulting detective himself.

I selected some individual figures too. The Ripper, Nemo, Inscrutable Tong, Professor Cavor, Mechanical Butler and a Constable with peramulator boots.

I added a couple of vehicles, here's the first of two Hanson cabs

And a Black Mariah to put the suspects in once arrested.

Finally here is all my freebies which include zombies versions of Holmes and Watson.

Really looking forward to getting some paint on these but I have other projects to finish first, I already have a few buildings from Warbases, while Sarissa and Oshiro all have some great looking models which I expect to pick up next year.

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Stuart S said...

Looks good Paul, can you really resist until next year ???