Sunday, 18 August 2013

Got the airbrush out ....

As my WW2 collection grows I have needed to get out my airbrush, I've not used it in a while and in truth I am not that experienced in using it. Undercoating and basecoating is a simple process but when it comes to complex patterns then I need some practice.

First up is a pack of Forged in Battle Opel Blitzs, these are lovely crisp models and are easy to paint and get on the table. I have used the Plastic Soldier Company's new panzer yellow spray as a base then used Tamiya acrylics on top.

Next up were the PSC StuGs, I had a box of these plus a further two which were freebies.

These were built as five StuG III G and two StuH III models, this would give me a good mix for IABSM.

Later this week, Toofatlardies are released Chain of Command, this much expected rule set should get us playing platoon level WW2 games again, I will post up my thoughts once I have taken delivery of my order which comprises a hard copy of the rules, a tablet friendly electronic copy, counters, resin jump off points and chain of command dice.

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