Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's all gone to CoC

Last Wednesday, Chain of Command, was released to the world. I was very impressed to get the rule pdf and my hard copy package on the day of release. Even better, our club Wyvern Wargamers, gets a mention on the intro page.

The recent bank holiday was a great opportunity to get some gaming done. We decided to throw a game together and try and get our heads around the new mechanisms and rules.

Here is our table for the day, two walled farms, the hedges are the dreaded bocage and some woods. First off is the patrol phase, the Germans start on the road, bottom left whilst the Americans start top right behind the farm.

In the shot below we can see Germans have deployed from a jump off point, lined the bocage and are on opportunity fire. Opposite them the Americans have done likewise, the wood blocks view between them. You can also see another American jump off point further up.

In the next shot, the Americans send a scout team forward. The Germans deployed another section in to the wood and opened fire on the small scout team, the broken team fell back, disordering the parent section

Here a scout team has deployed and is racing down the road, where they too took fire. Small scout teams are very vulnerable.

My final German section was advancing across the field, the Americans managed a great run of phases. With a command dice they moved the jump off point forward, then deployed straight to the hedge. From there they repeatedly fired upon the Germans, forcing them back, first breaking the MG team then the Rifle team.

More after tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Got the airbrush out ....

As my WW2 collection grows I have needed to get out my airbrush, I've not used it in a while and in truth I am not that experienced in using it. Undercoating and basecoating is a simple process but when it comes to complex patterns then I need some practice.

First up is a pack of Forged in Battle Opel Blitzs, these are lovely crisp models and are easy to paint and get on the table. I have used the Plastic Soldier Company's new panzer yellow spray as a base then used Tamiya acrylics on top.

Next up were the PSC StuGs, I had a box of these plus a further two which were freebies.

These were built as five StuG III G and two StuH III models, this would give me a good mix for IABSM.

Later this week, Toofatlardies are released Chain of Command, this much expected rule set should get us playing platoon level WW2 games again, I will post up my thoughts once I have taken delivery of my order which comprises a hard copy of the rules, a tablet friendly electronic copy, counters, resin jump off points and chain of command dice.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer Hols - too hot to paint

I have recently enjoyed a weeks holiday in Cornwall, although I spent the week keeping an eye out for model shops or interesting bookshops, I only managed a couple of second hand books. The weather has been far too warm for painting, my Artizan Germans go unfinished.

I did get to build a box of Plastic Soldier Company M5 Stuarts, I wish they had made better use of the space on the spruces to have included the M8 HMCS turret, three hulls and two complete track sets was overkill. They went together very well, however I concerned that they are very over scale. I will paint them and if it bothers me then I will sell them and buy either Battlefront or Forged in Battle kits.

This last week also saw the release announcement for Chain of Command from TooFatLardies. We are looking forward to this release very keenly and have already pencilled in some games on the calendar.

I got som work done okay on the outstanding 15mm vehicles. This is a mixed selection from Battlefront (the priests), Plastic Soldier Company (M5 Stuarts) and Forged in Battle (everything else).

I will carry on with these tomorrow and in the evening I am going to have a game of Infinity.