Saturday, 27 July 2013

Battle for St. Contest 8th July 1944

Earlier in the month, the Wyvern Wargamers had one of their occasional all day gaming sessions, this gave an opportunity to have a bigger than usual game.

In early July 1944 Caen was still in German hands despite Monty's best efforts, his latest plan Operation Charnwood would once again through British troops against the 12th SS Hitler Jugend. In our game we would take two infantry companies from the 59th Staffordshire Division, C Coy 2/5th Lancashire Fusiliers and A Coy 1/7th Royal Warwicks supported by two squadrons of East Riding Yeomanry in their Sherman tanks.

The battle would take place around St. Contest.

Rather than the usual battle report I decided to do a homage to the comic strips of my childhood.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tanks are bigger in real life, even small ones.

Last weekend we loaded up the car for a road trip to Bovington Camp, Dorset, home of the Tank Museum. I last visited a few years ago while they were in the midst of redesigning the museum. If you plan a visit don't forget your ticket gives you entry of 12 months.

Video footage of the Tiger;

Finally I couldn't help having some fun!

Skytrex Germans in foxholes.

For a recent refight of part of the drive on Caen, we needed to get some Germans in foxholes painted. These are the Skytrex models and come complete with the foxholes cast in white metal.

In the end there weren't sufficient castings to fill all the holes, some of which I cut up to fit on usual MDF cut bases from warbases, as I had a few spare figures from my PSC Germans which were already painted, I cut these up and popped these in the holes.

They look great on the table but you could do a similar job by cutting up other figures, the foxholes could be made with green stuff, miliput or similar product. I may do something similar in the future for my US infantry.