Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lets get the flock out of here!

I have just put the finishing touches to the last (for now) of the 15mm Germans for I Ain't Been Shot Mum. The figures are from the Skytrex Command Decision range which I think scale in nicely with the Germans from Plastic Soldier Company.

From the back I have three PAK 40 anti tank guns, the three stumps and small piece of walling are from Peter Pig as is the dead cattle at the front. Next up are three bases to use as Forward Observers, often the only trace on table of artillery or mortars in the game.

Finally on 1p and 2p sized bases are the important Big Men. Single based figures will represent either levels one or two whilst double based figures represent levels three and four.

To the back of the photo are some dead horses, hopefully generic enough to serve Napoleonics, ACW and colonial games while the infantry top right and some Foundry Marines awaiting the final shading.

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Stuart S said...

Multi tasking nice...
Looks good Paul, I guess they might even double up for coc?