Monday, 20 May 2013

Getting my lard on!

Wow, its been a month since my last month, I must pull my finger out. Since the last post I have played a bunch of games and painted a bunch of figures.

First up I have finished all the Plastic Soldier Company German sets I bought, just left are the metal figures I bought as 'Big Men', FOOs and gun crews. These haven't seen the table yet but I have played through the armour rules and we are looking forward to another game at the weekend.

Back at the club, Stuart pulled out his tudor figures and buildings for another run through his Armada era zombie game, I played the undead and managed to drive back the living.

We are less than three weeks off our latest club all dayer 'Market Lardon', I will be putting on a couple of introductory Sharp Practice games before hopefully getting a game of 'Chain of Command'. I am finishing off the Perry late french box set and hope to add the dragoons to the painted box before too long.

Last Sunday I had a visit from he specialises in 2nd hand GW and new Infinity models, basically I traded all my GW figures, both Warhammer and 40K excluding my painted Warriors of Chaos and Space Hulk for some cash and a nice pile of Infinity figures as well as the Human Sphere book, that cash would soon find a home.

Saturday saw us take a car up the M1 to Sheffield for a visit to Triples, for some essential wargame related shopping as well as catching up with old friends. Just as we were leaving we remembered we hadn't paid enough time looking at the Empire of the Dead demo table. The game was being run by the rules authors and we got to see what they had done with their Warbases and Sarissa MDF buildings. I have a bunch of these to make so took lots of photos as inspiration.

Here's the pile of goodies brought back from Triples, we have a new German platoon for Coc, some Battleground Priests, odd Skytrex packs, German decals, MDF bases, more tufts, superglue activator, a couple of the new PSC sprays and a case for skirmish games which takes a single KR foam tray.Quite a haul but I'm not looking to go to another show until September or October.


Stuart S said...

My, my Paul you have been busy..

Michael Awdry said...

Good to see that you've been busy and a splendid amount of swag.