Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Obligitory Salute Post

Last weekend was Salute 2013, the UK and possibly Europe's largest Wargaming show, gamers from all over the UK and a good few from further afield made their way to Excel, we got there before 8am to set up and I was able to get some sneaky shopping in before the doors open.

I was very pleased to keep to my modest shopping list, too often I end up buying things, getting carried away with 'Shinyitis', not this time.

My small haul included some more FiB US stuff for IABSM, some small scenics from Peter Pig, Silfor tufts, new magazines and some custom tokens from Warbases. I also scored some freebies, always welcome, the Salute Jason figure, two Spartan Prussians for Dystopian Legions and a light KR figure case cover.

I was determined not to be adding figures to the lead mountain so I have already undercoated, assembled the models and started the painting.

Unlike other shows, there were a good number of people still left at the very end of the show and their seemed to be a buzz all day, some fantastic games and a great opportunity to catch up with old friends. Looking forward to next year.

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