Sunday, 7 April 2013

Has spring sprung at last?

Recent chilly weather has been discouraging my painting of late and hence no posting lately. I have been playing games though;

We ran through 'Triumph and Tragedy' for the British Civil War, possibly a game more suited to Back of Beyond type games, we found the morale quite devastating as machine guns have an automatic effect. I think it quite likely we will go back to Mud and Blood for any future games. In the photo below a group of brave militia advance to drive out Blackshirts.

Another game of Muskets and Tomahawks saw the need for us to start playing with the hidden movement rules as the French line once again are able to blaze away, Indians loyal to the British did manage to set a cabin on fire.

Our Dux Britannium campaign saw another defeat for the Saxons, luckily time is on their side and the next game may see the tide turn and the Saxons game some extra troops.

Easter weekend saw my 15mm US force I painted last year for IABSM finally see the table.

We played through the Cherbourg scenario from the rulebook, introducing us to the use of mortars. I think we can say I learnt the value of fire and movement and the need to pin your opponent before charging their position.

I also saw the Plastic Soldier Company late war Germans for the first time in the flesh, I am happy to say that once painted, based and on the table that these are a great, economic way to build an army. A quick to ebay later and I had both boxes, some of the pieces are fiddly to assemble but once done I feel will be quick to paint. They are going all get a coat of field grey later this morning. Additional bits and pieces have been ordered from Skytrex taking advantage of a recent sale, alas they have an incredible fixed £5 postage rate, I know they want to sell the business but are they deliberately trying to dissuade people from placing orders.

GMT Games have also finally reprinted Command & Colors : Napoleonics, I now have the pleasure of sticking hundreds of stickers to wooden blocks before we can play.

This afternoon I will be playing Infinity, I have painted up some bits and pieces of drop on terrain, rather than collecting a new tables worth of buildings etc so as to reuse some of my existing collection.I have even done street planters to add some urban  colour;

Finally we saw the Empire of the Dead Kickstarter end, I now have a pile of lead coming in June, the remainder of our Raiden 1/285 aircraft for the Battle of Britain also finally arrived from the USA. Both of these projects are parked whilst I paint the 15mm Germans and more Napoleonics for Sharpe Practice. Next time will see some photos from tonight's game and my progress on the Germans.

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Stuart S said...

Looks good Paul, whose are the woods, they look good.
Looking to create some for my RJW stuff.