Tuesday, 23 April 2013

50 Shades of (Field) Grey

Three weeks ago when we at last revisited "I Aint Been Shot Mum", I realised that I needed to quickly put together some opposition for my US force. Having seen Garry's Plastic Soldier Germans, that very morning I bought a box of Late War Germans and another of Heavy Weapons, two days later the postman dropped them off.

I quickly stripped the figures from the sprues and assembled those which were multi part, these were then tacked on to lolly sticks and under coated. I used my airbrush to basecoat the figures with Tamiya Field Grey paint.

This then led me to the issue of the colour of Field Grey, the Tamiya pot was greener than the Vallejo which was more grey. A quick trawl through my various books showed a variety of shades, I also found this useful photo on the internet.

The two infantry boxes cost me just over £30 on eBay, to this force I added some Pak 40 anti tank guns, crews and officer type figures for 'big men' from Skytrex. Every is now painting and I am finishing off the basing this week.

I will post better shots of the Germans once they are complete.

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MarkG said...

Field Grey! A whole subject in itself. I'd ignore the 'browner' field grey, that only really came in 1944, due to poor quality dyes. Unless you are putting together a late war force? For me I'd go for a more green than grey look for your landser!