Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yet more new games, its the internets fault

Since the recent Minicon, I picked up an interest in Infinity, a small scale hard sci-fi skirmish game with a low model count - just what I was after. Some browsing on eBay brings me a second hand rule book and a boxed starter set.

I am still working on the models and once painted they will be seen here. Probably the biggest outlay for Infinity is terrain, your table needs a lot, weapons have long ranges. There are a good number of suppliers selling MDF terrain as well as resin bits and pieces.

Rather than initially chuck a heap of cash at various traders I have decided to see what bits and pieces I can pick up update my resin urban ruins. So far I have picked up some satellite dishes and hi-tech advertising.

This week has also seen me back my first Kickstarter project, this is for Westwind Productions Empire of the Dead. This looks like a great club game, a low model count, with models which could be used for lots of different games, couple that with other models in my existing collection that can be used. Hopefully more people will jump on and push the project to more stretch goals which means more free stuff!

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