Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Who fired first?

We had our début of 'Muskets and Tomahawks' at the weekend, as usual for a first game we made a few errors but nothing too game changing.

And so began the career of the Comte de Bourguignon, leaving the crumbling chateau of his childhood, our hero joins the army, hoping for the life of luxury in the officers mess. Tensions across the world bubble over into war across the globe. The Comte finds himself sent off to the Americas.

For our first game I took two groups of eight French regular infantry, four Indians with rifles, all led an Officer with the 'Tactician' talent. Facing my French force was a mixed British force of Rangers, regular infantry and Indians. Picking 200 points to start with our forces comprised approximately 20 models.

As objectives we rolled "Scouting Mission" and "Engagement", we then rolled up our sub-plots, I got "Truce" and Carl, playing the British, got "I will never forget his face" achieving the sub-plots would effect the final game result.

The British advanced, down both flanks as well as the centre, while the French Indians moved forward, ever eager to check their advance. British continued to advance in the centre, as they got closed I realised it was going to be him or me, readying both groups of infantry, I opened fire.

Following this the Indians clashed and those allied to the French were all but wiped out, eventually the British Indian allies would follow their enemies to their happy hunting grounds. The Rangers raced back to their table edge to meet their game objective but taking a couple of casualties pushed them to 2/3rd casualties and a French victory.

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