Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Year, new plans

So 2013 is here, many other bloggers have set out their plans for the new year, my Xmas break didn't see as much painting and gaming as I would have liked, with Noro before and a heavy cold after, this caught me on the hop. Over the Xmas break I was going to paint my Dystopian Legions Prussians, they are still sitting in their box, instead I pulled some stuff from the Warmachine Cryx army.

These are Mechanithralls, rank and file zombie types, they may even turn up in other games.

Looking for a quick win on the painting front, I have painted up my small force of French for Muskets and Tomahawks with some indian allies, these are seeing some action next weekend.

I have deliberately left war paint off the Indians so they can represent Huron or Mohawk allies for either side.

Over the break I got a day of boardgaming in with the neighbours, managed to win a game of Cutthroat Caverns, become a zombie in The Walking Dead, get confused in Chez Guevera and we managed to defeat the zombie hordes in Zombiecide. A great day and a welcome return to the tradition of the Xmas board game day.

So to plans for 2013, I don't want to make too many plans but as well as continuing the Dux campaign, I need to get more miniatures painted for Sharp Practice, make plans for German forces for IABSM and finally get some more WW2 aircraft painted for Check your 6! and Bag the Hun. Of course it is almost beyond doubt I will get sidetracked in to some other games, we will have to wait and see.

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Stuart S said...

That's may job - to distract you with other projects..