Sunday, 22 December 2013

To Infinity and beyond .....

I have spent lots of time recently making and getting some basic paint jobs on a selection of MDF / HDF buildings from a selection of manufacturers, they had their first outing last weekend and over the holiday break I am hoping to share my thoughts on the various kits.

I have also added another faction to my Infinity collection, th Combined Army, this ensures I have two playable factions in case I want to demo the game to anyone.

Here's a few photos from last weekends game, it was a three run through, we're still learning all the rules. Dane had his Yu-Jing, Matt his very nicely and new painted Ariadne whilst I played Combined.

Dane brought his Sarissa Precision kits too, to further enlarge our table. The majority of kits here are from Micro Arts Studio, a couple are from WarMill, there are some B & Q air bricks and a cargo station bought from eBay.

There are resin accessories from Micro Arts Studio, Atenociti's Workshop, Spartan Games and the red / blue cargo cubes are from eBay.

On a painting front I have completed the first two packs of my Kallistra 12mm / N guage Great War British Infantry, these are for 1914 and will be used with The Mud and the Blood from TooFatLardies.

The advantage of picking a small scale for something like this is that the whole army can done cheaply, Kallistra do a 6 packs for the price of 5. Buying 3 infantry and one each of HMGs, artillery and cavalry. Is plenty. I will post some better pictures when I have made more progress.

Finally I had a couple of deliveries from Heresy Miniatures and Crooked Dice to bring me some more Dr Who related figures, again I will post about these over Xmas.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Warfare, Reading - last gaming show of the year

Today I popped down to Reading for Warfare, this is generally my last wargames show of the calendar until January's Minicon next year. As previously we had a game using Kallistra's hex terrain and Dark Age figures, the rules we the medieval version of Hordes and Heroes, the rules give a good uncomplicated game perfect for relaxed hasslefree games. They can be downloaded free from their website.

I made a list of the new toys I wanted, but as Atenociti's Workshop were not there, I did slightly deviate from my plans.

I bought a couple of Sci-Fi structures from Warmill, I will do a review of these and the Spartan Comms Accessories set along with the rest of my MDF buildings later. Some oddments from Peter Pig will conclude my planned WW2 stuff for now and of course the obligatory pack from Warbases. I also picked up a pack of the Kallistra 12mm Great War British, I will be painting up a few packs of these soon for Mud & Blood.

The suprise buy of the show wasn't the new Judge Dredd boxed set or Indian Mutiny figures but the 7TV rules. What pulled me in was the "Blake's 7" figures, these will work with my ongoing Sci-Fi terrain collection.

Crooked Dice have a PDF on their website with the rules for the crew of the Liberator and their Federation enemies. Whilst if you google 'Dr Who Miniatures Game' you can download the full rules and scenarios for free!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Picking the Bones of Kickstarter

Recently there have been many high profile Kickstarter campaigns, including Zombiecide, Empire of the Dead and Reaper Bones. I have a nice collection of figures from Westwind courtesy of the EoTD campaign, my neighbour has the enormous pile of zombie related stuff.

Reaper Bones, caught the imagination of the worldwide gaming community grossing $3,429,235 from 17,744 gamers. The collection was a mixed bag of D & D style characters and monsters with lots of extras like dragons which could be added on. Nothing which could make a cohesive force for a wargamer.

The figures I wanted most of all from the original Bones were the Townsfolk, I have managed to snap up these on eBay. The plastic is flexible, more so on the thinner pieces, I am looking forwarded to seeing these painted. Apart from the two more medieval figures, I plan to use these up to the Napoleonic period. Four hundred years of use - that's a bargain.

I have backed another Kickstarter campaign, this one is for gaming boards, similar to GW's Realm of Battle sets but a different layout and price point. There are still some single board Early Bird pledges available which will give you a 6 x 4 foot layout, with hopefully six different tiles for only £62.

Delivery is not until May next year, can't wait.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lest we forget .....

Today is Rememberance Sunday, we remember those who gave their lives so others would live. Inside a box of my Grandmother's things I found a number of photos of servicemen but have been unable to identify any other them, my Great Grandfather included, who served throughout the Great War.

Here are a few, hopefully they and their sacrifices are not forgotten.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Crickey it's the Cryx!

I have not posted anything for a while mainly because I don't seem to have finished anything off, meanwhile I have played more Chain of Command as well as a Russo-Japanese War game using Mud and Blood.

This game was a nail biter, full of tension and excitement, not to mention constantly jamming machine guns, this has really wet my appetite for some more 'Mud and Blood' games using the new Early War figures from Kallistra.

Tomorrow I was scheduled to play in a local Warmachine event, I'm not really a tournament player but thought it would be fun. In the end I decided to pull out as my games seem to take twice as long as there was no way I could get a game to finish in 90 minutes.

I did give me the incentive to get some more models finished and I will still get some games I'm but at a more relaxed pace.

Not the best photos, the light wasn't too good, here is a unit of Bile Thralls, a Pistol Wraith and the Cankerworm.

This chap is ethereal and is a bit of fun to play.

The Cankerworm gives me another jack, this one is able to scavenge from wrecked jacks on the table, I must buy / make some wrecks to get the best out of this one. I was very pleased with the base it looked really like old metal, which is did with the Humbrol weathering powder mixed with Decalfix, then Mig European Dust.

Meanwhile I have the new version of Malifaux and I am reading through that picking up the changes, looks good so far but I am suprised that Wyrd don't include photos of miniatures or games in progress.

Hopefully I will find the patience to do all the outstanding decalling I have, then I will put up completed shots of my new US and German armour.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter

My kickstarter parcel arrived this week and I thought I would open it up and show the lovely models, I'm not painting these till next year so they are now put away until then.

Here is my contents

A pretty full sheet of MDF counters which comes with plastic counters.

decided to go with the police as a theme;

And another pack, complete with steam powered dog.

Hell Division

And should they need more intellectual assistance, here is the consulting detective himself.

I selected some individual figures too. The Ripper, Nemo, Inscrutable Tong, Professor Cavor, Mechanical Butler and a Constable with peramulator boots.

I added a couple of vehicles, here's the first of two Hanson cabs

And a Black Mariah to put the suspects in once arrested.

Finally here is all my freebies which include zombies versions of Holmes and Watson.

Really looking forward to getting some paint on these but I have other projects to finish first, I already have a few buildings from Warbases, while Sarissa and Oshiro all have some great looking models which I expect to pick up next year.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Pesky Paratrooops

Those pesky British paratroops have captured a bridge which is preventing the Germans from moving towards the landing beaches.

After the patrol phase, the Germans have advanced a small way on to the board, controlling the village and the cornfield whilst the Paratroops controlled the woods either side of the bridge. As the Germans moved on to the table, the British barrage starts, it is this which severely hampers the Germans deployment.

The Germans lose several men due to accurate Bren fire and sniping, the Germans only really get to do some damage once I manage to get my StuH on the table.

The game continues .....

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I bought the lot!

We popped down to Newbury for Colours 2013 on Sunday, the show seemed busy for a Sunday but many traders commented that the day before had been especially busy, perhaps a sign the economy is on the turn.

I wrote myself a list, a few bits and pieces I needed and some others to look for, the theme for the trip was very much WW2 due to playing IABSM and now much enjoying Chain of Command ( CoC ).

So we have more MiniNatur tufts, warbases MDF bases, some Vallejo colours, mini barbed wire and the Army Painter versions of Devlan Mud and Baddab Black.

There is a platoons worth of Sdkfz 251D Hanomags and a PzIV H from Forged in Battle, from Peter Pig I had a few more packs of US Infantry, some Infantry guns and yet more signs which I like to add to the odd figure base.

An unexpected purchase was the Overlord book from the Battlegroup series along with the mini rulebook, some great photos inside. The biggest share of my budget was spent on Battlefront Flames of War models, these are destined to be used as support elements for CoC. For my US forces I have an M18 Hellcat and some improved armour pieces I hope to use on PSC Shermans. The Germans were far luckier, there's a Hetzer, Flakpanzer 38t, Tiger E, Panther G, Pz II Luchs and a Sdkfz 250/9.

That little lot will keep me busier, before I start these I need to finish my US armour and paint a platoons worth of Fallschirmjager. I've another game of CoC later in the week and yet another on Sunday.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Light the blue touch paper and stand well back

I've now been involved in four games of 'Chain Of Command' and thoroughly enjoyed them all, it does feel like we have found the platoon based WW2 game we had been waiting for.

Despite me having existing 28mm forces and some almost finished Artizan Germans, all the games have been in 15mm. The scale of the game and the look of the table is right as you are playing the same ground scale as figure scale. Figures and vehicles are plentiful and a starting platoon force is going to cost less than £15.

I managed to round up some 15mm resin pieces from Baueda, available in the Uk from Vexillia and Magister Militum, these painted and based became my jump of points.

I also made some MDF patrol markers. I had to make stencils for the symbols with mixed results but others say they're fine.

I have a battle report to right up from a game Thursday later in the week and I am finishing off a bunch of allied armour with the prospect of buying some more at Colours at the weekend

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's all gone to CoC

Last Wednesday, Chain of Command, was released to the world. I was very impressed to get the rule pdf and my hard copy package on the day of release. Even better, our club Wyvern Wargamers, gets a mention on the intro page.

The recent bank holiday was a great opportunity to get some gaming done. We decided to throw a game together and try and get our heads around the new mechanisms and rules.

Here is our table for the day, two walled farms, the hedges are the dreaded bocage and some woods. First off is the patrol phase, the Germans start on the road, bottom left whilst the Americans start top right behind the farm.

In the shot below we can see Germans have deployed from a jump off point, lined the bocage and are on opportunity fire. Opposite them the Americans have done likewise, the wood blocks view between them. You can also see another American jump off point further up.

In the next shot, the Americans send a scout team forward. The Germans deployed another section in to the wood and opened fire on the small scout team, the broken team fell back, disordering the parent section

Here a scout team has deployed and is racing down the road, where they too took fire. Small scout teams are very vulnerable.

My final German section was advancing across the field, the Americans managed a great run of phases. With a command dice they moved the jump off point forward, then deployed straight to the hedge. From there they repeatedly fired upon the Germans, forcing them back, first breaking the MG team then the Rifle team.

More after tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Got the airbrush out ....

As my WW2 collection grows I have needed to get out my airbrush, I've not used it in a while and in truth I am not that experienced in using it. Undercoating and basecoating is a simple process but when it comes to complex patterns then I need some practice.

First up is a pack of Forged in Battle Opel Blitzs, these are lovely crisp models and are easy to paint and get on the table. I have used the Plastic Soldier Company's new panzer yellow spray as a base then used Tamiya acrylics on top.

Next up were the PSC StuGs, I had a box of these plus a further two which were freebies.

These were built as five StuG III G and two StuH III models, this would give me a good mix for IABSM.

Later this week, Toofatlardies are released Chain of Command, this much expected rule set should get us playing platoon level WW2 games again, I will post up my thoughts once I have taken delivery of my order which comprises a hard copy of the rules, a tablet friendly electronic copy, counters, resin jump off points and chain of command dice.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer Hols - too hot to paint

I have recently enjoyed a weeks holiday in Cornwall, although I spent the week keeping an eye out for model shops or interesting bookshops, I only managed a couple of second hand books. The weather has been far too warm for painting, my Artizan Germans go unfinished.

I did get to build a box of Plastic Soldier Company M5 Stuarts, I wish they had made better use of the space on the spruces to have included the M8 HMCS turret, three hulls and two complete track sets was overkill. They went together very well, however I concerned that they are very over scale. I will paint them and if it bothers me then I will sell them and buy either Battlefront or Forged in Battle kits.

This last week also saw the release announcement for Chain of Command from TooFatLardies. We are looking forward to this release very keenly and have already pencilled in some games on the calendar.

I got som work done okay on the outstanding 15mm vehicles. This is a mixed selection from Battlefront (the priests), Plastic Soldier Company (M5 Stuarts) and Forged in Battle (everything else).

I will carry on with these tomorrow and in the evening I am going to have a game of Infinity.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Battle for St. Contest 8th July 1944

Earlier in the month, the Wyvern Wargamers had one of their occasional all day gaming sessions, this gave an opportunity to have a bigger than usual game.

In early July 1944 Caen was still in German hands despite Monty's best efforts, his latest plan Operation Charnwood would once again through British troops against the 12th SS Hitler Jugend. In our game we would take two infantry companies from the 59th Staffordshire Division, C Coy 2/5th Lancashire Fusiliers and A Coy 1/7th Royal Warwicks supported by two squadrons of East Riding Yeomanry in their Sherman tanks.

The battle would take place around St. Contest.

Rather than the usual battle report I decided to do a homage to the comic strips of my childhood.