Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dux don't float ...

After last weekends road trip to Devizes and the unexpected purchase of Saxons I have been per-occupied with all things Arthurian, there is plenty of reading and Amazon delivered a couple of secondhand paperbacks. Tomorrow sees the publication of Dux Brittanarium from Too Fat Lardies, a very anticipated release.

Meanwhile here is my painting table;

To the right are some Gripping Beast javelin armed skirmishes, good for Saxons, now rebased on pennies, I have also ground the javelins to points. All the white under coated figures are from Wargames Foundry, these were supplemented with a small order, which not only came superquick but they have halved the postage.

Hiding behind are the sailors and marines for Sharp Practice.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Been a while .....

It's been a while since I've posted, I have moved house and had to wait for broadband to be reinstalled. Well everything is moved in and is reasonably tidy. Of course my office / hobby room is in place and I have managed to start some painting up again.

This weekend I popped down to Devizes for the Attack! show, a small show with some tournaments over two days. Being a smaller show, the mix of traders is different from the bigger shows. I had just a couple of things on my shopping list - some fields and foam trays.

I had taken down my small 28mm ECW army for the B & B, I did not want to risk putting all those pikes in to the post. It sold very quickly so like a typical wargamer I was in danger of the cash burning a hole in my pocket. I thought I was doing ok, until I happened upon some repacked Foundry Franks on a stand, I blame Rich Clarke from Too Fat Lardies and the pint of Cheddar Valley cider I had with lunch, not my fault at all!

So they came home with me and I have already pre-0rdered Dux Britanniarum, perhaps I can use the limited edition miniature as a warlord.

Also drove through Avebury, a superb place for a day out and a walk amongst the stone and various ancientness.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Moving house again!!

Well, I'm moving house again. The man cave is in the process of being packed up, painting and modelling are finished until I have moved to prevent me being distracted from putting things in boxes or taking them to the tip. I have also sold a bunch of surplus stuff on eBay and now I need to wait till I have moved before I go ordering any new stuff - curses but hooray for moving.

Got another game of Warmachine last night, Cryx vs Khador, luckily I started with the first turn and was able to race hot footed to the objectives, where I camped until I won on turn 4, I did lose a lot of models once Dane's Khador realised what I was up to but my then it was too late.