Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Recruits - soft-skins have arrived

After selling some bits and pieces on eBay I had a little spare gaming cash so I decided to get hold of the soft-skins I was missing for my WW2 Americans.

I bought some Forged in Battle miniatures earlier in the year and was impressed with the quality, these are just as good. Both packs contain 4 vehicles and some metal crewmen.

First up the jeeps and trailers for the Machine Gun platoon.

And the towing vehicles for the 57mm Anti Tank guns,

Here are the Jeeps out of the pack, the painted model is from Skytrex and they have similar proportions. A quick look at the models reveals no problems and you might notice there is three different trailer loads and stowage in the rear of the Jeeps. This is the standard with FiB and adds great variety.

Again with the 1.5 tonners, there are small variations with the stowage on top of the wheel arches.

Look closely and you can see the driver.

Very pleased with these models, going to slap some paint on them over our forthcoming 4 day weekend.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

US Forces for I Ain't Been Shot Mum

Here are the photos of my newly painted figures for IABSM. These aren't the first 15mm armies for WW2 I have painted but those were sold off some years ago as I was unhappy with the current rulesets.

Spurred on by the release of IABSM2 I decided to collect another army, I don't like to repeat myself doing armies so picked something I hadn't done before. In this case late war Americans at a pinch they could also pass for Free French.

Drawing some inspiration from "Dying for Saint-Lo" by H&C, I am nominally identified my infantry as belonging to the 1st Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division. This division nicknamed 'Old Hickory' landed on Omaha on the 11th June 1944. Fighting through France, spearheading the breakout at St-Lo and through the Netherlands in to Germany where they met the Soviets at the Elbe river.

Company HQ

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

Weapons Platoon

MG Platoon

A/T Platoon

Tank Platoon, 743rd Tank Battalion

Tank Destroyer Platoon, Tank Destroyer Battalion

M3 Half Tracks

Forward Observers


Model Sources

Infantry - Peter Pig
Shermans - Plastic Soldier Company
M10s (and crew), Jeeps (and crew)and 57mm ATGs - Skytrex
M3 Half-tracks and M20 Armoured Utility Cars - Forged in Battle
Decals - Dom's Decals

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A sad day for gamers

This week has seen some sad news for wargamers. GW has finally closed Warhammer Historical, after several fire sales on the books, everything is now deleted, out of print, gone.

Whilst we have to remember that they are a business, it becomes more apparent that they care only about the bottom line and gamers and the games themselves are way down on their list of priorities, now the rulebooks are no longer available the games like WAB will wither and die.

Those of us of an older vintage will remember those old days of GW being a stockist and importer of other companies games as well as their own, but their sales have been falling and their usual response is to raise prices, which they are about to do up to a blistering 66%.

No thanks GW.

Here's a photo from a simpler time, the original shop in Hammersmith and founders Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Over to the dark side - Cryx

I have resisted Warmachine successfully for quite a few years, I bought a 1st Edition rule years ago, flicked through it but it didn't catch my interest. The release of the 2 player box set again brought Warmachine back to the surface, we now had a small base of players within the local club.

Some guys from RedWarSoc popped down to Total Wargamer recently and ran some intro demos, I watched a game and was curious. Initially I was drawn to the Trollbloods faction for Hordes but the cost put me off somewhat. In the end I had some discount credit some I picked up a rulebook cheaply.

Now I ummed and arred, some of the oddly waisted jacks look a little odd to me, I came down to Cygnar for its shootyness and Cryx for the undead imagery and possible use in other systems. Next up I spent some time on eBay, loads of related items but very few secondhand turning up perhaps this is an indication of it's popularity. In the end fate brought me to someone selling off a bunch of Cryx, I put some bids on and won a selection of models.

I have redone the bases, touched up some of the paint and completely painted the Helljack, which I also magnetised to give me all the options for three different jacks.

Here's the collection to date.

Here's the Helljack in it's Slayer variant, I can also field this as a Corruptor or a Reaper.

Iron Lich Asphyxious

Warwitch Deneghra



Bile Thralls

I have also tried a little snow on the bases, this is a first for me, I did it with PVA glue mixed with Bicarbonate of Soda and a little more Soda sprinkled on top. Quite pleased with the results, they had their first outing on Saturday, I lost to Kahuna but its all about learning from your mistakes and I have already found some more reinforcements on eBay.

Malifaux Executioner - step by step

Here we have The Executioner for the Guild faction for Malifaux. I have coveted this figure and its abilities ever since it was used to take my Nicodem crew apart. Here is the contents of the blister, I have run the stat card through the laminator.

First job is to clean up the parts, nothing major just some small seam lines. I have cut the tab in to pegs and rounded them off with a needle file. Out with the super-glue and accelerator, could do with a third hand when assembling these things.

I have found a part from the GW giant kit for the base, cutting off the hand and chain, some glue and sand mix finishes it off. I used my pinvice to drill in to the plastic to take the pegs.

Before it gets primed I need to fill the tiny gap in the hose from the left claw, it is big enough to notice and be annoyed by. I've have given liquid green stuff a go, mainly because I can't be bothered to mix up some of my years old putty.

Staring at this miniature whilst deciding whether to undercoat black or white, I decided to move it, to get a more balanced position on the base. Managed to break the tip off a needle file enlarging the hole - that's cheap eBay files for you!

I knew I wanted to spray the base white so I painted the whole thing white in the end as I wanted to keep the flesh reasonably bright.

I have started blocking in the colour and noticed that there are some tricky areas to get paint into and as I used white as an undercoat I shall have to take great care that they aren't missed.

I have used thinned down 'Dwarf Flesh' and 'Boltgun Metal' so far. Once the rest of the model has had a thin coat of paint I will use 'Devlan Mud' and 'Baddab Black' to tone down the colours.

Foundry Storm Green for the trousers, black for the hood and a thinned brown across the base.

Another cheap dulux shade across the base and tidy up the base edge with some black.

Next up the flesh is worked up with Elf flesh and washes of Devlan Mud, the leggings are painted Khaki whilst the boots got some black and some Bolt Gun Metal. Tubes on the back had some dull yellow brown, washed again with Devlan Mud.

In the last photo lots of little things done, the hood is highlighted with a dark grey, the base has highlighted too with a lighter bone colour. Some dark brown is stippled on the chest to represent some chest hair. The ivy on the base is from Army Painter, since the photo was taken I have also added some dried herbs as fallen leaves.

My collection of paints is always larger than I realise, some of them are over 20 years old. The majority of the colours used here are from GWs old paint range, now replaced with their new colours and formula. I also use DIY sample pots for painting bases and doing scenery, alas it appears now that the stores no longer mix the 250ml tins so I will need to rethink what to do.