Monday, 17 December 2012

Village Raid June 550AD

Ceolwulf was very aware that his men were on the point of desertion, he expected that if he didn't bring them food and gold he would find himself in a ditch with a dagger in his back.

Too often the British reverted to their shieldwalls, the Saxons might try something different this time. Their plan was a simple one, not to be distracted by the village and its loot but to hit the levy hard and drive them from the field.

The initial roll to see how far the Saxons started on the table, was poor, just one turn. To make it work the British arrive on the table between the raiders and the village, they would have to cover the whole table.

 The British levy enter the battle and form up as a shield wall on the edge of the hill as the Saxons advance. The Saxon archers exchange shots with their counterparts causing casualties.

The British almost form a continuous line along the hill, while the Saxon hearthguard manoeuvre around to the old Roman road.

The British split their forces while Ceolwulf advances against the levy. Their strong position bounces the Saxons.

Again the Saxons come forward.

The Saxon archers are killed, the heathguard move back, could they move quick enough to catch the levy in the flank?

The Saxons line up ready, but the British have spotted the ruse. They charge but the distance is too far, the Saxons turn and counter charge, without the shieldwall the British crumple, serious casualties are inflicted.

The British are forced to withdraw, the Saxons raid the defenceless village and gain a thief's horde in plunder.