Sunday, 25 November 2012

November Gaming

I've finally got my 6mm Napoleonic Austrians from the box for a run through General de Brigade, I should really add some more units to this army and generally freshen them up.

We cancelled a club this month for the Warfare show at Reading, many club members were there, I came back with the new Dystopian Legions Prussians from Spartan Games.

It was the 'dreadnought' like Armsmen that sold me on them, I also had a demo game with the Spartan team and saw the next wave of releases, these are going to get painted over the xmas holidays.

We have also being playing Zombiecide, a new board game in which players have to cooperate to defeat the game rather than win individually. I got eaten, twice.

Finally I went Cardiff, visited Firestorm Games, a great wargames shop with loads of stock and a gaming hall, I also found Rules of Play, a great board game shop near the castle.

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Kahuna said...

I think I'll be picking up a starter box once I have my Saga force painted up.
Have you played a game yet?