Monday, 17 September 2012

Saga Day 15th September

Our club Wyvern Wargamers held a Saga tournament on Saturday, 22 players and prizes kindly donated by Gripping Beast. Saga had always been a casual game for me, something I could pick up now and again, as a result I hadn't taken the game as seriously as I should.

On the night before when I should have been reading up on the rules, I was looking at my copy of Deluxe General de Brigade I won on eBay. As a result I deserved the second to last place I got.

In truth, looking at the scores afterwards, I was unlucky as I did come close to winning the majority of my games, my dice luck was awful and I didn't have the knowledge of the game I needed. Everyone, including me, had a great time and this is certainly something we will do again - next time I will do better.

I did have some satisfaction in killing a warlord, a wiping out some other units, one of the highlights was one of my carts being charged twice by a warlord and forcing him back each time.

The day has also re-energised my enthusiasm for my many projects, my only problem is to keep focussed.


Kahuna said...

I'm glad the club had such a great event, and I really want to attend the next one. I too suffer from a lack of focus, I'm turning into a gaming magpie, butnim loving it

Stuart S said...

Good stuff Paul, pinched your photo's for my blog as I never quite got round to taking any.