Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mini Review - Renedra Wattle Fences

The Renedra wattle fencing has been out since last year, only recently had I managed to pick up a two spruce pack, these are really nicely detailed and didn't take too long to clean up, cutting the plastic bases probably too longer.

I glued the fences to the bases and gave them a quick coat of Halfords white primer. I buy cheap hobby paints for painting terrain, picking a light tan colour I popped some on a palette and thinned it with some water. The fences then got a quick coat all over and then they were left to dry.

Next up was some thick burnt umber bought in a big tube from "The Works", I squeezed a little out and thinned with just a little water, this was then painted all over, using a foam insert from a blister I wiped off the paint, leaving colour trapped in shadows, this is a great technique which is often used on horses.

Once painted, added some sand and gravel mix, painted and dry brushed. Flocked and tufted later and they are finished.

A great edition to my terrain collection usable in a wide selection of periods.

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