Monday, 17 September 2012

Saga Day 15th September

Our club Wyvern Wargamers held a Saga tournament on Saturday, 22 players and prizes kindly donated by Gripping Beast. Saga had always been a casual game for me, something I could pick up now and again, as a result I hadn't taken the game as seriously as I should.

On the night before when I should have been reading up on the rules, I was looking at my copy of Deluxe General de Brigade I won on eBay. As a result I deserved the second to last place I got.

In truth, looking at the scores afterwards, I was unlucky as I did come close to winning the majority of my games, my dice luck was awful and I didn't have the knowledge of the game I needed. Everyone, including me, had a great time and this is certainly something we will do again - next time I will do better.

I did have some satisfaction in killing a warlord, a wiping out some other units, one of the highlights was one of my carts being charged twice by a warlord and forcing him back each time.

The day has also re-energised my enthusiasm for my many projects, my only problem is to keep focussed.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mini Review - Renedra Wattle Fences

The Renedra wattle fencing has been out since last year, only recently had I managed to pick up a two spruce pack, these are really nicely detailed and didn't take too long to clean up, cutting the plastic bases probably too longer.

I glued the fences to the bases and gave them a quick coat of Halfords white primer. I buy cheap hobby paints for painting terrain, picking a light tan colour I popped some on a palette and thinned it with some water. The fences then got a quick coat all over and then they were left to dry.

Next up was some thick burnt umber bought in a big tube from "The Works", I squeezed a little out and thinned with just a little water, this was then painted all over, using a foam insert from a blister I wiped off the paint, leaving colour trapped in shadows, this is a great technique which is often used on horses.

Once painted, added some sand and gravel mix, painted and dry brushed. Flocked and tufted later and they are finished.

A great edition to my terrain collection usable in a wide selection of periods.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Dead dux!

We took a car down to Newbury racecourse this weekend for the Colours show, along with some essential gaming supplies the highlight of the day was getting to play Dux Britanniarum with Rich Clarke.

Ade and I played Saxons, raiding a Romano British villa for loot, I took a bunch of photos;

Here's a shot of the table before the figures go on, Rich umpiring rolls up for entry points, Saxons enter from photo right and the British from bottom left, in piecemeal.

As we came on first and had a turn of movement extra we surged forward. The plan was to block the British with the Hearthguard whilst the warriors sacked the villa, the archers would harass and hopefully drive off the slingers.

Some broken ground slowed down the Saxon warriors whilst the others raced to get to where they wanted to fight.

It is at this point the fickle gods looked elsewhere and the rubbish dice rolls started. The Saxon warriors failed to get to the villa. The Hearthguard formed themselves between the houses.

The British advanced stopping short of the pig pen and fields. Another group of Saxons have moved up to assist. The sneaky Brits charge the single group of brave Saxons killing nearly all the group leaving one figure and the big man remaining who retreated.

The Saxon Hearthguard are torn between charging forward in to the British or turning and hitting the British rear. The dice gods again look away as the Saxons struggle to get through the small fields. The British charge the archers who immediately decide that being somewhere else is a good idea.

More British charge and contact the Hearthguard, ripping nasty holes in their group, oddly taking little shock. They are pushed back. The Saxons are in the villa, but failing to find the loot.

The Heathguard groups split up with the right group pushed back.

Still no loot in the villa, more Hearthguard are pushed back. Dice are amazingly poor, oddly the British are rolling well now.

The Saxons outside the villa are now retreating towards the home edge.

With Saxons fleeing, the British move towards the Villa.

A group of Saxons is caught while retreating and lose a couple more figures, this only pushes them further towards their table edge.

Finally the outcome is more than obvious, still no loot and the British surround the villa. The Saxons prepare to "cross the bridge of swords". An excellent game and a great introduction to the rules.

A couple of other games caught my eye including this 15mm WW2 game with working lights.

A nice looking 6mm napoleonic game, perhaps spoiled by too many models on the table.

In all a great day out.