Monday, 2 July 2012

Moving house again!!

Well, I'm moving house again. The man cave is in the process of being packed up, painting and modelling are finished until I have moved to prevent me being distracted from putting things in boxes or taking them to the tip. I have also sold a bunch of surplus stuff on eBay and now I need to wait till I have moved before I go ordering any new stuff - curses but hooray for moving.

Got another game of Warmachine last night, Cryx vs Khador, luckily I started with the first turn and was able to race hot footed to the objectives, where I camped until I won on turn 4, I did lose a lot of models once Dane's Khador realised what I was up to but my then it was too late.

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Kahuna said...

I'm looking forwards to getting some warmachine games in. Didn't realise Dane played as well.