Tuesday, 29 May 2012

US Forces for I Ain't Been Shot Mum

Here are the photos of my newly painted figures for IABSM. These aren't the first 15mm armies for WW2 I have painted but those were sold off some years ago as I was unhappy with the current rulesets.

Spurred on by the release of IABSM2 I decided to collect another army, I don't like to repeat myself doing armies so picked something I hadn't done before. In this case late war Americans at a pinch they could also pass for Free French.

Drawing some inspiration from "Dying for Saint-Lo" by H&C, I am nominally identified my infantry as belonging to the 1st Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division. This division nicknamed 'Old Hickory' landed on Omaha on the 11th June 1944. Fighting through France, spearheading the breakout at St-Lo and through the Netherlands in to Germany where they met the Soviets at the Elbe river.

Company HQ

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

Weapons Platoon

MG Platoon

A/T Platoon

Tank Platoon, 743rd Tank Battalion

Tank Destroyer Platoon, Tank Destroyer Battalion

M3 Half Tracks

Forward Observers


Model Sources

Infantry - Peter Pig
Shermans - Plastic Soldier Company
M10s (and crew), Jeeps (and crew)and 57mm ATGs - Skytrex
M3 Half-tracks and M20 Armoured Utility Cars - Forged in Battle
Decals - Dom's Decals

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Mark said...

Really good Paul! I think your treatment of the M41 jacket and 'brown' trousers is spot on and really shows these figures off to their maximum.

If you are interested in the 29th can I suggest The Clay Pigeons of St-Lo and Beyond The Beachhead.