Sunday, 27 May 2012

A sad day for gamers

This week has seen some sad news for wargamers. GW has finally closed Warhammer Historical, after several fire sales on the books, everything is now deleted, out of print, gone.

Whilst we have to remember that they are a business, it becomes more apparent that they care only about the bottom line and gamers and the games themselves are way down on their list of priorities, now the rulebooks are no longer available the games like WAB will wither and die.

Those of us of an older vintage will remember those old days of GW being a stockist and importer of other companies games as well as their own, but their sales have been falling and their usual response is to raise prices, which they are about to do up to a blistering 66%.

No thanks GW.

Here's a photo from a simpler time, the original shop in Hammersmith and founders Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.


The Dark Templar said...

I was vey sad to read this :(

Little Odo said...

I was also a little shocked to hear this news. I thought Forge World had taken it over and it was now a going concern again.

Your photo of GW Dalling Road also brought back a few memories. I remember visiting the shop way back in the day. My most endearing and long lasting memory is of the Valley of the Four Winds miniatures set up in a great little vignette.

Little Odo

Mark said...

I used to go to Dalling Road as a Sixth former.

E3 bus to Chicwick then a long walk to Hammersmith to save the pennies for more figures and later Traveller rules or boxed games.

I remember the glass case with the 28mm Star Wars Imperial Troopers with Bunny Ears, Space Dwarf Pirates (still have those) and Citadel 25mm Spacefarers.

Halcyon days.